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Pool Repair & Maintenance Services

At DFW Pool Repair, we offer a suite of repair and installation services to keep your pool in top condition, ensuring it remains the perfect retreat for you and your family. Explore our range of services designed to meet every need of your pool, from routine cleaning to advanced repairs and upgrades.

pool cleaning
clean service

Pool Cleaning

Revitalize your pool's sparkle with our professional cleaning services—because every swim should be in crystal-clear water.

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testing pool water
leak detection service icon

Leak Detection & Repair

We find and fix pool leaks fast, so you can get back to splashing and having fun without losing water.

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pool equipment repair
equipment repair icon

Equipment Repair

Keep your pool running great with our professional help—our team fixes pool equipment so you can have fun swimming without worries.

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pool inspection
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Pool Inspection

Our team checks your pool from top to bottom to make sure everything is safe and good for swimming.

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pool lighting
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Pool Lighting & Automation

We make your pool light up at night so you can swim and have parties after the sun goes down.

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